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Well, I think the original Gundam series does predate Macross. Gundam will
always be my favorite anime, but I loved the original Macross series opening
music. Hmmm...anyone know of any Mp3's of that?

Joaquin Torres

Blackeagle wrote:

> Well, I think Macross has better animation than the original Gundam series.
> However, I hasten to add that this is less of a judgement of the technical
> quality of the animation than it is a judge of the look and style of the
> series. If you compare the original Gundam to Macross or to Z Gundam, the
> original's mecha and ship drawings tended to be much simpler. A lot of the
> mobile suit redesigns done for later series seem to consist mainly of adding
> details which were not present rather than changing stuff. In addition, the
> original series' character designs seem to be very "70s", whereas those in Z
> Gundam and Macross are more "80s" (which means these are getting on in years
> as well).
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