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>Blackeagle wrote:
> > >How much damage would a Colony Drop actually cause? The environmental
> > >effects, comparisons to a Hydrogen Bomb, etc.
> > Well, dialouge in 0083 says that the Operation British colony drop
>created a
> > crater 500km in diameter and was equivelant to an explosion of 60,000
> > megatons. Of course, I doubt this was arrived at by any sort of
>Actually, without knowing about this bit of "officia", Z and I calculated
>the energy of a colony drop using know size and structure of an open type
>colony and come to a number very similar to this value.
>Can't comment on the 500km crater size, but the problem of crater size as
>a function of the dropped body has been solved. For example, you can look
>at a crater on the Moon or Mars or Earth and give a very good estimate of
>the meteorite. So given the approximate mass of a colony, the crater size
>should be known. Is there a planetary astronomer in the house?

I guess we need a guy I used to know from a Babylon 5 ML I was on. He had a e-mail address and his .sig file said, "Yes, as a matter of fact I
am a rocket scientist." I allways loved that sig.

Hmm. I wonder if a colony would do more or less damage than a solid rock of
the same mass? It would have a much greater cross section for it's mass
than an asteroid, so the effects of it's interaction with the atmosphere
would probably be magnified (not to mention those three gigantic, super
strong mirrors), but what about when it hits the ground?


> > calculation, the writers probably just decided it sounded good. The MS
> > book has some interesting pictures of Australia with a big chunk bitten
> > of it.
>I think that picture was also animated in the 0079 TV series. Somehow I
>think it's rather overblown. It seem impausible that something that
>created a crater 1/3 the size of Australia didn't also destroy the whole
>ecosphere. BTW, that crater looks like 1000-2000km diameter.
>But than in CCA, a whole asteroid was dropped, and Earth doesn't look so
>ugly a short 30 years after that (F91) so who knows...
> > CCA). If a colony was dropped into a large body of water, it would
> > in massive tsunamis. Depending where this took place and the population
> > the shorelines, casulties from the tsunamis could be even bigger than
> > casulties from a direct impact. BTW, this idea comes from the novel
>It certainly would, but colony drops had results in anywhere from
>forgotten (0083), crushing a few city blocks (ZZ) to biting a chunk off a
>continent (0079).

I guess they basically function as a plot device. They cause exactly as
much devastation as the writers require.

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