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>I don't think the original 43-episode series would be successful on
>American TV, even on the Cartoon Network. As much as I love the original
>Gundam, its animation did not age well. ZETA, on the other hand, looks just
>as good as most stuff out today. Of course, you couldn't show ZETA without
>showing the original in some form.
>I do wish they would just have Katoki or Izubuchi just ret-con every single
>mobile suit/mobile armor and reanimate the original series as new movies or
>OVA's. I'd like to see someone tell me that that would not make big bucks
>for Bandai.

Well, there have been calls from Gundam Fandom for the reanimation of the
original series, but I am skeptical about the chances of such a project.
However, if the original series is just dubed into english and thrown up on
CN, I think the '70s style of animation might drive some people away.

The best bet might be to show the MS Gundam movie trilogy on CN. They may
not be as good as showing the entire series, but they would provide viewers
with the background they need to understand what the heck is happening in
Zeta. Then, of course, they would follow up the trilogy by showing Zeta.

On another note, I think that next time Bandai makes a deal with CN to show
a series, Bandai should give CN a break on the price in exchange for one 30
second commercial per episode. Bandai could use this commercial to hawk
series related merchandise, like model kits, MSiAs, manga, books, etc., as
well as advertising other gundam series on video.


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