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Tomonaga wrote:
> He would have had he beaten Amuro... It's not like he had any choice
> Core, he didn't really want to die like a man.

Well I don't dispute with what you said, in the sense that Tomino has the
perfect right to make Ma Kube any kind of man he wants. In the way he
ended in the TV series, Ma is a man who could find some backbone after one
too many humiliating defeats.

The way I would write it though, and this is a very personal thing, is to
make him a sort of scheming survivalist rat. It's not just yet another
stereotypical villian, but you can constru up in an organization
structured like Zeon, the system itself breeds both charimatic backstabber
like Char and gutless rats like Ma Kube.

> He happened to guess
> correctly where the White Base would be after Solomon and since Char
> had no mobile suits and was just hanging around to watch the show, he

If it's my version of Ma Kube, he would either find someone to run the
risk and then arrange to take credits for it if it goes well or he would
pass up the oppotunity if it present a forseeable risk to his precious

Name: Core
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