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Even more spoiler space

> ::Spoiler Alert::::
> Actually, At the end of the novels, Char form his own faction and convinced
> the Whitebase crew to join him after the death of Amuro and Kishiria(who is
> killed by Char). I believe this is possible in Blood Zeon?

Some of the White Base crew joined Char, who did not form a new faction but
remained in the Zeon military. Kai Shiden stayed with the Federation Forces, and
still hates Char. Fra was left on Luna II along with the three kids early in the
series, and she remained there after it was given over to the Zeon Republic.
Sayla stayed on Earth.

> Amuro gets killed
> by another newtype(who's name I forgot) around the end of the novels, yes
> Amuro and Sayla was a couple. The RX-78-2 gets destroyed too, Amuro gets the
> G-3. Char had a Rick-Dom instead of Gelgoog(Which I don't think appeared in
> the novels at all).

After Char blows up a Guncannon (with Hayato inside!), Zeon newtype Lt. (jg)
Leroy Gilliam and another pilot glow up the Gundam, right when Amuro figures out
that Char's forces are trying to enlist his aid. Oops.

The Rick Dom takes the place of the Gelgoog in the novels, being the first Zeon
MS with beam weapons.

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