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Blackeagle wrote:
> But look at series like 0080 or the 08th MS Team. They share many technical
> and historical characteristics with the original series, but very little of
> the philosophical underpinnings (aside from "War is a bad thing").

Actually I disagree. both 0080 and 08MST really captured some important
aspect of the Tomino philosophy (ok I can't claim to know what the Tomino
philosophy is, but bare with me). That's why I have no problem with
08MST's busting OYW history big time. Tell you what, when I watch anime,
my mind isn't on timelines or mecha designs or hardcore history stuffs
like that. Take episode 1 of 08MST for example, as I was watching I was
cheering for the Ball (finally!) and sucking it up when Shiroh and Aina
put their guns down. I especially like that part, because it echoes the
times when after a lonewolf skirmish, Amuro stopped and comforted a dying
Zeon soldier and when the mother-son refugees helped the Zeon pilots who
had eariler helped them. To me that kind of touchy feely stuffs is very

It didn't register in my head at all that a team of GM Space type
shouldn't be fighting actual battles _BEFORE_ Garma's funeral. I was
actually sucking it up (again) that they made a reference to Garma's
funeral. It's only long after I finished 08MST that I found out that
Gundam Ground Types opened a huge rift in the Gundam space-time continuum.

> I don't care. Whatever it is, I'll watch it on it's own merits and decide
> if I like it or not. Continuity with previous Gundam series, in facts
> and/or philosophy is a plus, but it is not the dominant factor.

I agree! But liking or not is not the same question as sorting them into
single vs. multiple timelines. I happen to like both 08MST and V a lot.
08MST fits well with 0079, that's fine. V doesn't even try to fit in with
0079, it just arbituary stick 30 years into the calendar and start right
over. I just propose that we do what Bandai/Sunrise didn't know they
could do at the time: disassociate F91-V from the UC.

Likewise, I like (to a small extent) both Z/ZZ and CCA as sequels to 0079,
but these are two non-compatible sequels!

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