Tue, 23 May 2000 20:46:03 EDT

> It may be a painful read, but I think I will tough it out. Freed of
> constrains of TV executives, Tomino really did what he wanted with the
> story and characters. I heard that Amuro had an affair with Sayla and
> probably other women on White Base (makes sense), his was killed off at
> some point and Char deflected to Fed's side. I think the novels were
> published before Z was on air right? If so it could have started the
> massive deflection frenzy in Z, ZZ, CCA, F91 and V.

::Spoiler Alert::::

Actually, At the end of the novels, Char form his own faction and convinced
the Whitebase crew to join him after the death of Amuro and Kishiria(who is
killed by Char). I believe this is possible in Blood Zeon? Amuro gets killed
by another newtype(who's name I forgot) around the end of the novels, yes
Amuro and Sayla was a couple. The RX-78-2 gets destroyed too, Amuro gets the
G-3. Char had a Rick-Dom instead of Gelgoog(Which I don't think appeared in
the novels at all).


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