Tue, 23 May 2000 20:32:07 -0400 (EDT) wrote:
> - It's out of print
> - about $.50 in the bargin bin

Well I did find vol.2 and 3 for about $.50 each, but I can't find vol.1
for the life of me... I will offer you a buck and a half for your copy :)

> - I thought it sucked, BAD. I don't know if the blame falls on Fred
> Schodt for translating it or Tomino for writing it or Del Rey for
> publishing it, but I thought it told a really bad story and the
> characters were poorly portrayed. Not to mention that it invalidates
> any sequel or follow-up. My advice, don't bother.

I started reading vol.2 and got as far as page 3, it's terrible! And I
don't think you can just blame Schodt for this. But then, I also think
the Star Wars novels are terrible, obviously I am "wrong" because they are
doing well enough to take up about a meter of shelf space at the book

It may be a painful read, but I think I will tough it out. Freed of
constrains of TV executives, Tomino really did what he wanted with the
story and characters. I heard that Amuro had an affair with Sayla and
probably other women on White Base (makes sense), his was killed off at
some point and Char deflected to Fed's side. I think the novels were
published before Z was on air right? If so it could have started the
massive deflection frenzy in Z, ZZ, CCA, F91 and V.

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