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Echo|Fox wrote:
> I got was this stupid T-Shirt ... no ... Anaheim Electronics Trade Show
> UC0087 ... Top 10 reasons why gundam pilots get all the chicks?...) ;p
> I'd get one if it was suitably cool :P

Actually _you_ can make a tidy bit of change to press some T-shirts
yourself. Just come up with the designs and send the Corel Draw or
Photoshop file to a printer. Cost about C$12-20 per shirt if you press
like 20-100 shirts (don't remember the prices so clearly now, it's been a
while, but it's pretty reasonable).

It's illegal to make a profit if the product violate copyrights, but it's
easy to avoid using copyrighted materials (meaning you have to create your
own art work), and if you make only $1-2 per shirts for a limited run, I
am sure Bandai won't come after you. "Anaheim Electronics" is, I think, a
real company unrelated to Bandai. "Nightmare of Solomon" shouldn't be

At the very least if a bunch of GMLers get together and make a design and
print some shirts, and split the costs so no one make a profit, I am sure
it's legal.

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