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Blackeagle wrote:
> >How much damage would a Colony Drop actually cause? The environmental side
> >effects, comparisons to a Hydrogen Bomb, etc.
> Well, dialouge in 0083 says that the Operation British colony drop created a
> crater 500km in diameter and was equivelant to an explosion of 60,000
> megatons. Of course, I doubt this was arrived at by any sort of scientific

Actually, without knowing about this bit of "officia", Z and I calculated
the energy of a colony drop using know size and structure of an open type
colony and come to a number very similar to this value.

Can't comment on the 500km crater size, but the problem of crater size as
a function of the dropped body has been solved. For example, you can look
at a crater on the Moon or Mars or Earth and give a very good estimate of
the meteorite. So given the approximate mass of a colony, the crater size
should be known. Is there a planetary astronomer in the house?

> calculation, the writers probably just decided it sounded good. The MS Era
> book has some interesting pictures of Australia with a big chunk bitten out
> of it.

I think that picture was also animated in the 0079 TV series. Somehow I
think it's rather overblown. It seem impausible that something that
created a crater 1/3 the size of Australia didn't also destroy the whole
ecosphere. BTW, that crater looks like 1000-2000km diameter.

But than in CCA, a whole asteroid was dropped, and Earth doesn't look so
ugly a short 30 years after that (F91) so who knows...

> CCA). If a colony was dropped into a large body of water, it would result
> in massive tsunamis. Depending where this took place and the population of
> the shorelines, casulties from the tsunamis could be even bigger than
> casulties from a direct impact. BTW, this idea comes from the novel

It certainly would, but colony drops had results in anywhere from
forgotten (0083), crushing a few city blocks (ZZ) to biting a chunk off a
continent (0079).

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