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Having seen 0083 and 0080 before Wing, I'm taking an interest in seeing Z,
ZZ(Hey, it has some very good mecha design!)and CCA. I'd also like to see
Endless Waltz, since I think Wing was a very good series.
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> << I am an American fan who has only seen Wing, but would much rather see
> UC stuff than G-Gundam. Wing is certainly cool, but it seems very
> "super-hero" oriented. I tend to really like the more militaristic mecha
> from the other series much better than stuff from G or V, and have a
> that the stories from UC would be much better too. >>
> I agree, I like more militaristic mecha as well, but I also like the
> "super-hero" mecha too. I'd probably like G Gundam, but I want to see the
> original Gundam series, Z, ZZ, espcially V more then I want to see G or X
> Gundam. BTW, V is a UC series, not AC if you did not know this. I wouldn't
> consider the V designs super robotish at all. I consider them streamlined,
> high tech. mecha.
> Aaron
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