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<< I am an American fan who has only seen Wing, but would much rather see the
 UC stuff than G-Gundam. Wing is certainly cool, but it seems very
 "super-hero" oriented. I tend to really like the more militaristic mecha
 from the other series much better than stuff from G or V, and have a feeling
 that the stories from UC would be much better too. >>

  I agree, I like more militaristic mecha as well, but I also like the
"super-hero" mecha too. I'd probably like G Gundam, but I want to see the
original Gundam series, Z, ZZ, espcially V more then I want to see G or X
Gundam. BTW, V is a UC series, not AC if you did not know this. I wouldn't
consider the V designs super robotish at all. I consider them streamlined,
high tech. mecha.


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