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The effect of a colony drop was already discussed, and leave it to Z to
fill in the details. You can read the email at
The effects would be a lot more worse then you think

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>Just curious and related a bit to the topic...
>How much damage would a Colony Drop actually cause? The environmental side
>effects, comparisons to a Hydrogen Bomb, etc.
>I hardly believe you can hide an event as big as a colony being dropped on
>top of a big chunk of real estate and say nothing actually happened... :)

Well, dialouge in 0083 says that the Operation British colony drop created
crater 500km in diameter and was equivelant to an explosion of 60,000
megatons. Of course, I doubt this was arrived at by any sort of scientific
calculation, the writers probably just decided it sounded good. The MS Era
book has some interesting pictures of Australia with a big chunk bitten out
of it.

As for environmental effects, my guess is a colony drop would be closer to
an asteroid impact than a nuclear explosion.

There is one interesting consequence of a colony drop whihch was never
explored in the Gundam universe, so far as I know, (I haven't seen ZZ or
CCA). If a colony was dropped into a large body of water, it would result
in massive tsunamis. Depending where this took place and the population of
the shorelines, casulties from the tsunamis could be even bigger than
casulties from a direct impact. BTW, this idea comes from the novel
"Footfall" written by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.


Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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