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Tue, 23 May 2000 09:48:26 -0600 (MDT)

I was just thinking ... pretty much every successful franchise, whether in
the US or Japan, has extensive marketing. Be it Babylon 5 in North
America, or Gundam in Japan. You can count on there being the full
assortment of T-Shirts, novels, stickers, models, etc.
Now there are obviously Gundam model kits, manga, source books, art books,
etc, but what else is out there? I for one wouldn't mind having a swank
Gundam T-Shirt, and I could go for a Federation logo on my computer case,
but I've never seen such things anywhere online.
Also, have there ever been any Gundam novels? When you look at the
extensive collection of Star Wars sidestories done in print, I'd be amazed
if the Gundam universe hasn't spawned a few. Obviously these would be in
Japanese, but I'm curious nonetheless.

And how about a GML T-shirt? =) (I survived the battle of Solomon and all
I got was this stupid T-Shirt ... no ... Anaheim Electronics Trade Show
UC0087 ... Top 10 reasons why gundam pilots get all the chicks?...) ;p
I'd get one if it was suitably cool :P

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