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> IIRC, in CCA, Amuro and Char were going back & fore about Lalah
> Sun, but there was no mention that
> - they met
> - they were allies

Now it has been a while since I watched a sub of CCA, but I am pretty
sure that Amuro expressly asks Char how they could have fought side
by side for the same cause, only to have it come to this. Also, Amuro
clearly recognizes Char in person (something he failed to do the
first time he met Char).

> - Char asked Amuro to join him in space and Amuro wussed out

I do not really see why this would have come up.

> - they have both forgotten about Lalah in 0087

Char and Amuro definitely did not forget about Lalah in Zeta. It has
been a while since I watched my Zeta LDs, but I am sure she is
mentioned, and I am pretty sure that we even get a flash of a swan at
one point.

> - Amuro quitted Kabala (AEUG) to join the enemy Londo Bell (Titans)

Lond Bell is a federation force. The federation had disowned the
Titans before Zeta had even ended. In fact by the end of Zeta the
federation was opposed to the Titans.

> ZZ was flawed in many serious ways, but honestly I think the bigger
> story of ZZ is better than Z. The trial and tribulation of Puru is
> an excellent story line. I don't mind the early series high jinx
> as much as some GMLers. It's not my favorite Gundam series, but I
> wouldn't rate it below Z.

I have a very hard time dealing with the silliness on ZZ, but I
begrudgingly put it in with the rest of the UC stuf.

> The only way Z and CCA can coexist in the same universe is that
> Quattro is not Char at all but an impostor. I.e. Char disappeared
> at the end of 0079 and went into hiding. A blond skilled pilot
> went to Axis with the Zabi cronies, and the rest, as they say, is
> history.

I think that Amuro and Char are handled quite elegantly in MSG, Z,
CCA. I see no need to separate them into different universes. I think
you just need to understand that they are both complex men, with a
strong conviction that the fate of the entire human race rests on
their shoulders. Both men are raging egotists, who only want mankind
to be saved on their terms. The fluctuation in whether or not they
are allies is simply a matter of who else is trying to control the
fate of the human race, and what they can do to influence that fate.

In MSG, Amuro only fought for the federation because he was good at
it, and later because he wanted to prove he could not be bested by
the Red Comet. Char was only fighting for the Jion as a way to seek
revenge on those who had slain his father, and later to prove that he
could not be bested by the pilot of the Gundam.

In Zeta, Amuro was only fighting for the AEUG because he could not
take going from hero of the federation, to being a liability that the
federation felt should be under house arrest. The reason Amuro stayed
on earth is because he could not handle being some second string
backup MS pilot, so chose to stay and be the hero of the earth
resistance instead. Char only fought for AEUG because he did not want
to see either the Titans nor Hamman Kahn in power, so had to go with
the only independent team.

In CCA both Char and Amuro are finally where they always wanted to
be, in the spotlight versus each other, the fate of the entire human
race in the balance. Amuro was back in the loving arms of the
federation as their newtype savior, and Char did everything he could
to provoke one final toe to toe, winner take all, battle to decide
which one of them would take the prize of deciding mankind's fate.

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