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> Remember that the GP-01 is probably designed for this upgrade to be
> installed quickly, probably as a series of modular pieces added
> onto the core fighter.

That is my whole point. If AE is capable of designing a mobile suit
with modular removable parts that can be easily swapped, then AE has
a technology that, if applied to a manufacturing line, would give
them much of the benefit of the mobile frame technology.

> As for the GP-04... It's never been officially established
> that the Gerbera Tetra is in fact the GP-04. Besides, Zeonic
> engineers generally use Monoquoque armor, and a simple anchoring
> frame can be built around the innards of the GP04 to attach the
> plates on to fairly simply.

Once again, if the innards of the suit are a freestanding operable
unit that then has armor bolted on to it, then what you have is a
mobile frame. The whole point of the mobile frame, was to design a
fully functional mobile suit frame that could then have custom armor
and accessories "bolted" on to it.

> Remember here that the 0080 and 0083 Mobile Suit specs are
> generally overpowered for their time...

Just saying that a 0083 prototype is overpowered for its time does
not explain why the best MS made 4 years later are not as good.

> But, what if the Titans had a mole inside Anaheim, who could have
> destroyed the GP Project data? Quite frankly, every point you
> make can easily be answered...

There is a huge difference between deleting project data, and losing
engineering talent. Saying they deleted the files explains why AE can
not build another GP line of MS. However, saying they deleted the
files does not explain how AE lost the ability to build suits as
powerful as the GP line. If an engineering staff can design one suit,
then the next suit they design will probably be better. Deleting the
files does not change the experience of the engineering staff of AE,
so unless you are willing to say that the Titans killed every
engineer at AE, then you still have not explained what happened to
all the know-how AE obviously demonstrated in 0083.

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