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> [as an aside, I realy don't like the way Ma Kube died in the TV. He went
> down fighting like a man, that's not how I picture him. He should have
> been sneaking around, hanging on to Krishnia's skirt, run over to rev up
> the Zanzibar for Krishnia when things get a little warm at A Bao A Qu, and
> die like a roasted rat with Krishnia.]

He would have had he beaten Amuro... It's not like he had any choice Core, he
didn't really want to die like a man. He happened to guess correctly where the
White Base would be after Solomon and since Char had no mobile suits and was just
hanging around to watch the show, he had to personally go out in the Gyan that
was custom made for him with Kishiria's blessings....(I know the revisionist
history say otherwise).

As much as MaKube wanted to stay out of harms way, he was a smart and proud man
and due to circumstances beyond his control, and his desire to not look bad in
front of Char and Kishiria, he was forced to die fighing like a man. I think it
was quite fitting and personally I think he beat Amuro when he successfully lured
Amuro onto the exploding asteroid trap. Look what the explosion did to the
shield! At that range the Gundam should really have been finished. : )


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