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Curry Coffelt wrote:
> Ah but you forget that the Titans essentially took over and censored the
> events that happened with the Delaz fleet. hence the AEUG formation

The Titans most certainly did not take over. Titans wasn't a government,
saying that is like saying the LAPD rules the USA. At their peak, they
come close to surpressing the General Assembly at Dakar, but they failed
even that and let Quattro waltz into _Fed's_ General Assembly, charmed
everyone over and waltz back out right under Fed's nose. The only place
Titans took complete control over is Side 7, which had a small population
supporting Fed's military research and manufacture (if I interpret
correctly the posts by other gurus).

Even if Titans could control all the media, they couldn't have control
what Camille and gang say on board Albion, yet, there were lots of talks
about other 0079 events but no mention of the second colony drop, Feds
blatant violation of anti-NBC pact and the disappearance of over half of
Fed's navy during a period of "peace".

The Feds did suppress the GP data, so it's quite ok for 0087 MS to be
inferior to 0083 MS. But I don't think the Feds had Mass Mind Erase
Machine yet. (maybe Angel Halo at the end of Victory didn't went UP to
space, it went BACK in time to clean up the mess left behind by 0083)

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