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Chris Maier wrote:
> For instance, the novels and comics created this whole history for
> Boba Fett and stuff, but some guy who works for Lucasfilm just said
> that Fett's origins in Episode II will be completely different....oh
> well....

Hey don't sweat the small stuff kiddo. God Lucas demands that only the
movies are cannonical, all the comics and novels are hearsay and legends,
possibily planted by Bobba Fett himself.

Even if those side comics and stuffs turns out to be inconsistent with the
movies in some small ways, that's still ok as long as the side comics were
created in the Star Wars spirit and generally respect the histories set
down by the movies, at least the movies that were available at the time.

Mark Simmons wrote:
> Awww, why stop there? After all, we have the TV and movie versions of

Well of all people I am sure you understand the my system in the chaos.

> original Gundam (leaving Ma Kube suspended in limbo like Schroedinger's cat,
> neither alive nor dead).

And was there one or two major battles to end the war? I can tolerate a
lot of MS discontinuity. They can make GP-04, GP-05, GP-37 for all I
care, (actually they did in 08MST), as long as the story stay true in
spirit and historical events were not screwed up in a big way.

[as an aside, I realy don't like the way Ma Kube died in the TV. He went
down fighting like a man, that's not how I picture him. He should have
been sneaking around, hanging on to Krishnia's skirt, run over to rev up
the Zanzibar for Krishnia when things get a little warm at A Bao A Qu, and
die like a roasted rat with Krishnia.]

> And the Gundams in Endless Waltz look totally different from those in the

Mecha appearance and specs are easily explained as inaccurate records or
disagreement between different historians. Just like Alfred said. From
your synopsis, EW fits well as a sequel to W.

> Not to mention that ZZ clearly takes place in a parallel universe, one
> where falling space colonies just stick in the ground like twenty-mile lawn
> darts and some punk-ass kid gets to slap around Bright Noah and Wong Lee
> instead of vice versa. :-)

Ai! That lawn dart is a big eyesore. But that's still only a
quantitative problem. Gundam bends laws of real and Minovsky physics with
impunity in every series.

Take another example: both 08MST and V mention something that doesn't make
sense: regular mass produced fighting machine could go nuclear if it's
blown up. But 08MST only mentioned it in passing and in fact the story is
untouched if the offensive lines were edited out. But in V, MS going
nuclear is a key fact in most battles and figured in many important
developments. To put V after 0079/Z/ZZ/CCA would mean that the engineers
consciously downgraded the stability of their MS.

But that's not really the point. The point is the nature of the conflict,
the philosophy of the show, and how much the events of the purported
sequels was informed by the earlier series.

Taking V (and F91) again, apart from Newtypes, Minovsky physics, the white
guy with the V-fin and the meaningless labels of UC0123/0153, what aspect
of the show would one attribute to 0079, Z, ZZ and CCA? Sure you may say
Newtype and Minovsky physics are pretty important stuffs, but these two
concepts also showed up singly or jointly in G, W, and X, so what's so
special about F91/V that they belong in UC? The most direct historical
reference is a Zaku in the MS museum, but that could easily have been a
statue of Virgin Mary. The characters in F91 and V talked about the
original "white guy" Gundam as a legendary symbol rather than part of
recent history (it's only 30 years, for Christ's sake! In real life
people restore 70 years old plane to dust crops). Most important, all of
the political debates between the main characters centers around kids vs.
adult, overpopulation, elitism, and patriarchy vs matriarchy.

In the main UC lines, the main conflict is about space vs. Earth as the
_right_ setting for the _Human_Destiny_.

> Oh no, it's Fermat's Last Gundam Theorem! <grin>

Ahem, excuse me, I have many more wacky theorems up my sleeves yet ;)

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