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> How can one discount ZETA GUNDAM? I know that CCA tries its best to,

But I did not! Z is in the first Gundam Universe.

> but even it does not discount the events of ZETA or ZZ. It just kinda
> swept both series under the rug.

IIRC, in CCA, Amuro and Char were going back & fore about Lalah Sun, but
there was no mention that
- they met
- they were allies
- Char asked Amuro to join him in space and Amuro wussed out
- they have both forgotten about Lalah in 0087
- Amuro quitted Kabala (AEUG) to join the enemy Londo Bell (Titans)

> I personally would like to sweep most of ZZ under the rug too, but
> like most tragedies, it happened.

ZZ was flawed in many serious ways, but honestly I think the bigger story
of ZZ is better than Z. The trial and tribulation of Puru is an excellent
story line. I don't mind the early series high jinx as much as some
GMLers. It's not my favorite Gundam series, but I wouldn't rate it below

The only way Z and CCA can coexist in the same universe is that Quattro is
not Char at all but an impostor. I.e. Char disappeared at the end of 0079
and went into hiding. A blond skilled pilot went to Axis with the Zabi
cronies, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Lookit, if you take the 0079-Z line, Casper/Char/Quattro was essentially a
good guy who was at first hellbent on revenge, sacrificing uncounted
innocent lives in his trails, after complete success at his vengence, he
mellowed out and let his inner child out and become the leader of the
rebellion. He even bend over backward to shield a few measley civilians
in enemy territories during live fire sorties, jepordizing his own life
and more importantly the mission.

If you take the 0079-CCA line, Casper/Char was an aggressive power-monger,
who first plotted a bloody revenge for his father, and when that is done,
stepped into the shoes of his former enemy. If it take the lives of a
few billion innocent people and wasting the whole ecological system to put
him on the throne, so be it.

The same case can be made for Amuro. Z's Amuro is a pausible continuity
with 0079's Amuro. Same with CCA's Amuro, but CCA's Amuro can not be a
continuity of Z's.

And in terms of politics, CCA needs a transition OVA (0090) from ZZ as
much as Z needed 0083 to segue from 0079. (oh no! please I don't mean
that serious, I don't want another transition OVA!!!)

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