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>I like Gundam because its anime
>and I like anime because its Japanese, NOT American, even though I was born
>an American. Most anime I've seen blows even most of the best American

That's because American animation isn't intended for the same audience as
Japanese animation. American animation is overwhelmingly considered to be
kids' entertainment; whereas while Japanese animation _does_ have a large
number of kids' shows, they're not all or even _most_ of the animation
produced in Japan. Comparing Japanese animation to nothing _but_ American
animation isn't correct. Instead, compare Japanese animation to _all_
American television and movie entertainment, as that's taking into account
the fact that Japanese animation has such a wider range of topics.

The reason Gundam Wing is so popular, I think, is not necessarily due to
any plot or thematic elements; it's because there are so few sci-fi action
shows on these days where the emphasis is on butt-kicking,
missile-launching, gatling-gun-firing fight scenes. That's certainly
something I've noticed that animation has a lot more of than live-action;
more _fights_, and the fights are more elaborate and creative. (Though
stock-footage tends to wear the edge off of that after a while.)

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