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<< I don't know about anyone else on
 this list but I loved Kondo's 0079 comic and animevillage stalling
 on 08th MS team doesn't bode well. >>

  No, it doesn't, we have NO idea what the reason for the delay is. I will
not fall prey to nay saying, I must have a reason for the delay until I fear
the state of US Gundam. A major announcement could be brewing from Bandai for
all we know. They could even be reanimating the 0079 TV series by today's
standard's and then release that in US and Japan, for all we know.

  Yes, I see your point, I want more written Gundam material translated into
English as well, but a variety of Gundam shows, no just AC, but UC as well,
need to be shown on US TV in order to generate an interest for more written
Gundam material to be made in English.


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