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<< And if G gundam does get shown next, it will give people an even more
 distorted view of Gundam. It's a bigger leap to go from G to UC,
 than Wing to UC. Much as I love G gundam, and wish to see it, I think
 it might be the nail that keeps Zeta off america's shores. >>

  Why is everyone so corcerned about if Zeta will be on TV or not? Zeta has
not been officially announced for US release as far as I know. Besides, Zeta
will be more confusing then a leap from G to UC would be. Bandai should show
the original MSG series (0079) before any other UC series, since its the one
that started it all and will fill in who Char and Amuro are, as they are in
Zeta and will confuse fans unfamiliar with the Char and Amuro saga, even
though there's a new "hero" in Zeta. Char and Amuro may not be major
characters in Zeta, but they ARE in Zeta.

  In the first post that started this subject, the person said maybe they
need to make an "made for America" Gundam series/GW sequel. A say a big
resounding "NO!", I like Gundam because its ANIME, not a mediocre "kids
action toon".

  I want American's to create their own style of mecha show, not the Japanese
crater down to the average Joe cartoon crowd. I like Gundam because its anime
and I like anime because its Japanese, NOT American, even though I was born
an American. Most anime I've seen blows even most of the best American 'toons
away. There's very few good American cartoons that can hold its own against
anime, Exo Squad is one of the very few to have some of the anime mecha genre
feel to it.

  An American aimed Gundam series would be horrible, the violence would be
WAY tuned down and the series would be dumped down, a lot of people who have
seen GW are overwhlemed by the fact that there's really no good or bad side!
Duh!, Have they ever heard of real life? ^_^ We have laws and a President,
but that doesn't mean we are good guys! Hitler had rules as well, that didn't
make him good either. Life is not good vs. evil, but usually "good"
morals/ideals vs. "bad" morals/ideals. Gundam would not be Gundam if it was
aimed at Americans.

  Anime is getting more and more popular and not less popular. There's always
exceptions, but one reason for anime getting more popular is likely because
its Japanese, therefore its something different and a lot of good anime is of
better quality (story wise) then the countless good vs. the "Evil Overlord"
toons. Even good vs. evil anime has an original flair or twist that makes it
stand above the average American toon. Another reason for anime getting more
popular is the anime look of lots of video game characters and the raise in
demand for video games. My other personal reason for liking anime is that
"attitude/flair for style/edge" that anime seems to have, a lot of times even
when its just a standard, average in Japan super hero anime.



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