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> I don't see your point here. If you assuming that the Titans built
> Gundam Mk. II is superior to the Rick Dias and the Rick Dias is
> superior to the GP series Gundams, then Aneheim has a motive to
> acquire technical data on the Gundam Mk. II.

The quick change out from GP-01 to GP-01fb highly suggests some
technology that gives you much of the functional improvement of the
mobile frame technology, and being able to outfit the GP-04 with
entirely different body armor necessitates a mobile frame, which
seriously calls into question the Anaheim's need for the MkII's
mobile frame technology. Also, I have not seen any technical specs
that would suggest that the MkII is in any way better than the GP-01,
GP-02, GP-03, or GP-04. My point is that if AE had the engineering
know-how to make the GP line of suits, then the beginning of Zeta,
which implies that the Federation has a technological lead on AE,
makes no sense. Especially if the suits that AE made in 0083 are
better than the federation suits of 0087.

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