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As I look back on all of the Super Weapon that was deployed during the
Universal Century, I noticed something, they are not always deployed near
where they would have done the most damage.

During the OYW, had Zeon actually held off Operation Odessa for a couple of
more months, and kept the California Base, they would have forstalled
Operation Star One by aleast 6 months. During that time, they would have
finished Solar Ray Colony Laser with multiple firing capability and properly
deployed it right next to Solomon at Side 1. Once there, it probably has
the range of hitting every Federation assets in Space, and perhaps even
hitting Jaburo (I am not too sure about Colony Laser penetrating atmosphere
and retaining its power).

Solar System, the lone Federation superweapon is strictly a space base
weapon, and one that had to be kept secret prior to any deployment.
Otherwise, it can be beaten, like the one in 0083.

Titan Colony Laser was station properly near Gate of Sedon at Side 1, and it
was use properly against Side 2, AEUG stronghold. Too bad, they couldn't
hold it.

The superweapon from Victory Gundam, (all of them from Zansacare Empire) are
all designed to be use against both Space and Earth. Attack Satellite
Kairas Giri is not a laser based weapon, but a beam particle base cannon.
It is stationed in orbit around Earth, with the obvious aim of shooting
ground target. But from there, it is also in a good position of hitting
targets in Side 1, Zanscare Empire's primary enemy during the course of the
series. The mobile suit Zanneck, with its mega beam cannon did hit Earth
from orbit, and is just as effective against space target. And finally
Angel Halo, with only one target in mind, Earth.

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