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>OK, aside from mech design issues, there is a very important plot
>issue that I don't think can just be written off as a trivial
>technical inconsistency. Put quite simply, if Anaheim Electronics
>made the GP series for the federation, then it is very hard, if not
>impossible, to understand why it was necessary to steal the MkII at
>the beginning of Zeta. Now it is easy to write this off as just
>quibbling over the fancy design of the GP series, but in the early
>episodes of Zeta quite a lot of fuss is made about the importance of
>capturing the MkII. Now, I am not trying to get into a mech
>continuity argument here, I am saying that from a storyline point of
>view it poses certain problems if Anaheim Electronics has the
>capability to produce MS other than Rick Dias at the start of Zeta.

I don't see your point here. If you assuming that the Titans built Gundam
Mk. II is superior to the Rick Dias and the Rick Dias is superior to the GP
series Gundams, then Aneheim has a motive to acquire technical data on the
Gundam Mk. II.

>The second issue is an even larger issue. At no point during the
>entire run of Zeta, is there any mention of the Operation Stardust
>colony drop, nor is there any mention of the Jion or Federation
>breaking the Antarctic Treaty prior to the formation of the Titans.
>Considering what a huge deal is made of the first colony drop, I find
>it hard to reconcile nobody ever mentioning a second colony drop.

Now this is a problem. Something like a colony drop is kind of hard to
miss. For them not to mention it, especially given that 2-3 episodes take
place while flying across the North American continent (where the drop took
place) is a blatant plot hole.

Maybe Bandai could do a "Special Edition" video release that adds
dialouge/footage referring to the second colony drop in the appropriate
places? (George Lucas eat your heart out!)

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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