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Yeah, I've tried to point out to other people that there is a bigger Gundam
universe other than Wing's, but they are actually more interested in seeing
G and X(Although they apparentally are not too thrilled about Turn A)
Check out this banner! People want their G!

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> The popularity of wing gundam is not in doubt, but that doesn't mean
> Gundam (particularly UC) has picked up wing's popularity. Just look
> at the 0079 comic. Viz had to put it on hiatus because of poor sales,
> and this at the peak of wing's glory. Now, to most people in america,
> gundam equals wing. Bandai might not want to jepordize (or confuse)
> Gundam's american persona by showing UC stuff. (crazy as that seems
> to us). I guess what I'm trying to say is that don't get your hopes
> up that wing popularity equals UC popularity.
> It could be that when Bandai does a new gundam TV series that they do
> a new Wing sequel, with the American market in mind.
> -James
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