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I quess they think that smoother is better...most of the mechs in Turn A are
real smooth, and hence they probably think that the more mechanical stuff
looks kind of ugly and therefore, inferior.
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> Chris Maier writes,
> > Anyway, I know there are suits virtually identical to the Zaku I and
> > the Zaku I, but then I came upon this picture...the head kind of looks
> > one of those Neo-Zeon MS from Char's Counterattack, and it's colored
> > Does anybody know what this is, what it's role in the series is, etc?
> That's the Zaku I-lookalike; it's the Borjarnon used by Gaban Goonie,
> leader of the Luziana fiefdom's Suicide Squad. Ironically, though it's
> apparently a Zaku I, it's considered a superior version by the Suicide
> since it doesn't have all those dangling external cables. No idea whether
> this alternate Zaku actually _is_ superior to the standard Borjarnon, or
> whether the Suicide Squad are just deluded.
> -- Mark
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