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> >Personally, I don't mind alternate continuities all that much. When you have
> >a guy try to take someone else's continuity and try to stick with it as
> >close as possible, you usually get something less creative and more
> >watered-down.
> I disagree. It's quite possible to tell new stories that don't conflict
> with established background; i.e. 0080, or possibly Gundam Sentinel.
> Mike Powers

I look at it like our (U.S.) own history. Many things that I "learned" in
school were found to be false, or ignored, such as Edison taking credit for many
of Marconi's inventions or discrepancies in data for battles in different wars
and such. Nothing has changed, per se, but many inaccuracies that we were fully
believing as fact have been updated, and they may yet again.

I had a very frustrating half hour debate once with a guy while we were in line
for the Anime Convention in Anaheim. He was certain that there was no way that
there could be a sequel to "Terminator 2" since everything appeared to be so
well sewn up in the first two. I went around and around with him explaining
that, first, time travel, at least in that series, allowed for any number of
rewrites in that universe and, two, that what we'd been shown in those two
movies spanned less than 50 miles of the L.A. area and only showed two groups of
people so who's to say what was going on all over the rest of the world during
Skynet's reign? Who's to say that John Connor and his band were privvy to *all*
or Skynet's plans or that there weren't dozens of cybernetic headquarters with
other devices and factories and such?

What you learn or are told is typically from the perspective of a very small set
of people and experiences. Who here, honestly, was aware of Schindler's
contributions, good and bad, to the Jews during WWII? Until I saw that movie,
I knew nothing about it. I knew nothing of a William Wallace in Scotland,
either. Once this stuff is added to *your* timeline, one you believe to cover
everything, it changes your views of other connected events. You can look at
discrepancies in Gundam as sort of new revelations that refute the "official"
government stance or propaganda. "Wait a minute, how could that mobile suit
have been in that battle so early in the war?" That's exactly what the Feds
wanted the Zeon military to think, etc. The U.S. Star Wars missle defense
system is a perfect real world example.

Anybody read about the Chechnyans slaughtering those Russians about a month
ago? The official Red Army story was that about 200 or so paratroopers died in
four days of separate bloody battle. But it was learned later (because all the
dead happened to have been from basically the same town) that they all died at
once, during an assault that *they* forced. Both stories fit the limited data
that a civilian would receive but the real story was far different from the one
fed to them initially. This stuff happens all the time.


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