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<< I now officially announce my great Gundam Deunification Project! With all the power of Truth, Mercy and Aesthetics vested in me, I now declare that there are 8 seperate Gundam Universes:

1. 0079-08MST-0080-0083-Z-ZZ
2. 0079-08MST-0080-CCA
3. F91-V
4. G Gundam
5. Wing-EW
6. X
7. Turn A
8. G Savior >>

How can one discount ZETA GUNDAM? I know that CCA tries its best to, but even it does not discount the events of ZETA or ZZ. It just kinda swept both series under the rug.

I personally would like to sweep most of ZZ under the rug too, but like most tragedies, it happened.

How does one figure 0079, 08th MS, 0080 and CCA, but not 0083, ZETA or ZZ? I mean, I could see 0079-CCA.


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