Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 22 May 2000 14:58:40 -0700

>I haven't seen Crossbone Gundam, can anyone fill me in on what happened to
>Cecily, Seabook and Zabine?

Cecily continues to assume her identity as Berah Ronah in order to rally
the remaining forces of Crossbone Vanguard. Seabook assumed a new name
in order to stay by her side, with Zabine also on the side, but with a
different agenda than what Berah had in mind. The relationship between
Cecily and Seabook did not develop any further than what was seen in F-91
(from a confession by the main character of Crossbone Gundam when he
pressed Seabook on the issue), while Zabine remains dedicated to the
philosophy of "the noble must lead the masses". To be fair, Cecily was
using the Berah Ronah name to recruit soldiers for her crusade against
the Jupiter invasion, and Zabine wasn't too happy about it.


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