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Mon, 22 May 2000 14:44:58 -0700

Core writes,

> NO!!! I now officially announce my great Gundam Deunification Project!
> With all the power of Truth, Mercy and Aesthetics vested in me, I now
> declare that there are 8 seperate Gundam Universes:

  Awww, why stop there? After all, we have the TV and movie versions of
original Gundam (leaving Ma Kube suspended in limbo like Schroedinger's cat,
neither alive nor dead).

  And the Gundams in Endless Waltz look totally different from those in the
Gundam Wing TV series - if the Altron has no beam cannons, it couldn't have
trashed all those Virgos, and if the Heavyarms never had a puny heat knife
it couldn't have chopped up Walker or Inspector Acht.

  Not to mention that ZZ clearly takes place in a parallel universe, one
where falling space colonies just stick in the ground like twenty-mile lawn
darts and some punk-ass kid gets to slap around Bright Noah and Wong Lee
instead of vice versa. :-)

  Maybe that last one requires us to postulate UC-strong and UC-weak forces,
the latter being responsible for sad-ass sequels.

> I have found a truly marvelous proof of their independence, but it's a
> little longer than is possible to be included in the margins of this
> email.

  Oh no, it's Fermat's Last Gundam Theorem! <grin>

-- Mark

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