Paul Fields (
Mon, 22 May 2000 17:49:15 -0400

> NO!!! I now officially announce my great Gundam Deunification Project!
> With all the power of Truth, Mercy and Aesthetics vested in me, I now
> declare that there are 8 seperate Gundam Universes:
> 1. 0079-08MST-0080-0083-Z-ZZ
> 2. 0079-08MST-0080-CCA

How come first timeline doesn't include CCA, Amuro asks
Sha about fighting with him and AEUG against the Titans, so
CCA should follow Z anyhow... are you throwing it out since
he is so opposed to them in CCA?

>Anyone who oppose the Great Deunification will be beheaded

Ducking my head back into my normal suit, and look out for
the axe of the Executioner...


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