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Chris Maier wrote:
> sites, and, given the brand new revelations in Turn A, I have
> attempted to piece together a "New" Gundam timeline given the
> information I have. It's probably loaded with inconsistencises, but
> Hope this makes sense!

NO NO NO NO NOOOO, you got it all wrong. I have just about enough with
people debating Dom Pfvenpf and stuffing AC, PC and WC into UC.

NO!!! I now officially announce my great Gundam Deunification Project!
With all the power of Truth, Mercy and Aesthetics vested in me, I now
declare that there are 8 seperate Gundam Universes:

1. 0079-08MST-0080-0083-Z-ZZ
2. 0079-08MST-0080-CCA
3. F91-V
4. G Gundam
5. Wing-EW
6. X
7. Turn A
8. G Savior

With the exception of the 1st and 2nd timelines, which shares the same
history for about 12 months, each of these are completely independence.
I have found a truly marvelous proof of their independence, but it's a
little longer than is possible to be included in the margins of this
email. Therefore the proof is left as an exercise for the reader.

Anyone who oppose the Great Deunification will be beheaded, then publicly
flogged and then humilated for all eternality in each of these 8 possible

NB: since more Gundam sequels will likely be created, more Gundam
Universes may be discovered in the near future. Nine, ten, a hundred
independent Gundam Universes! Oh the glory of Gundam!!!

Name: Core
Patient ID: #1
Condition: Critical

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