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Most of the group adopt new names, and form a new, more piraty "Crossbone
Vanquard" and carry out attacks against the Jupiter Empire. Seabrook is
given the Crossbone X-1,which is a gundam, Cecille becomes captain of a
ship, and Zabine gets a Crossbone X-2(Which is completely black).
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> Blackeagle,
> I really agree with your review of F-91, you hit all the points. Despite
its flaws, I felt the characters and the storyline had much potential. While
I had problems with it, I was very sad to see that the last line at the end
"This is only the beginning..." wasn't followed up.
> My favorite thing about the movie was the character designs by Yoshikazu
Yasuhiko, beautiful stuff. Cecily, Seabook and the Ronah family all looked
great and I thought Zabine Chareaux had the potential to be a very cool
> I haven't seen Crossbone Gundam, can anyone fill me in on what happened to
Cecily, Seabook and Zabine?
> Tom
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