Brandon Perlow (
Mon, 22 May 2000 12:44:47 -0700

> >As for an MG Nu, I wish they'd redesign it so that the legs won't look that
> skinny. I don't mind if the fannels are still the same weight (even if it is
> of different construction) - I use very thick coats of paint (probably has to
> do with me used to painting some model cars which really required a substantially
> thick coat of paint) so a lighter fin fannel will always end up heavy with me.
> Hmmm....The redesign of the Nu will probably have a smaller chest area, a tapered
> waist, more angular points, have a smaller head and larger headspikes, then
> the arms would be shorter, and the legs longer...and will have larger/longer
> calves than thighs. At least, that's how I see it happening.

Personally I hate the larger calves to thighs. It is not as stable, nor as posable as
a correct relationship. Id want the the thighs thicker and longer, Longer torso that
is segmented(for more posabilty) and a slightly broader chest with a clavicle joint
for added posabiliy.. I would rather Have a model with a great external sculpt and
detail , with more posability, then have it have great internal detail, with limited
posability...I also like the NU to have more smooth beveled edges,, I like the Kondo
look alot...

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