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Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> Can be done in cg? Sure. Either mocap, which is the cg equivalent of rotoscoping
> (actual human movements converted to images) or keyframe animation, both have been
> done. Neither is really "reusable", though. Not for key characters since each
> will have his own "personality" and style put in. It works better for background
> characters or for adding scenes like you'll see in "X-Men" and "Spiderman" where
> some superhuman feat is supposedly done by the actor. Disney has never done this,
> though. "Dinosaur" is its first use of cg character animation (Pixar doesn't
> count). Anyway, Disney prides itself on being the "best" at animation, they
> wouldn't stoop to recycled animation for successive movies. I'll say this, as
> crappy as the movie was, "Godzilla" had a better sense of weight and animal
> movement than "Dinosaur" (not counting the baby zillas, that sucked). That shows
> you the difference in approach between Disney and everybody else.
> Alfred.

I tend to agree about that too.. Just saw Dino myself.. They were Very Floaty... The
carnataurs were great tho.. The reason godzilla had some good work was because of a
BAMF named Andy Jones.. BTW hes the animation supervisor on the Final Fantasy

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