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Mon, 22 May 2000 10:37:44 MST

>IIRC, in the first episode we see Nina loading GP-02 with 3 warheads into
>the back pack. I'll have to double check that scene again.

Actually, we see her loading two components. From the look of them I'd say
they are a single warhead and some sort of booster to propel the warhead to
it's target. After they are loaded, the bazooka returns to it's usual
position and we see a graphic of the newly loaded components moving into the
bazooka proper from the backpack.

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>Vince Leon

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> > I would also think that the backpack would be modified to have more
> >thrusters, rather than just be a cargo hold for the nuke.
>Is the nuke stored in the backpack? I remember seeing the nuke being loaded
>into the launcher.

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