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>> The gp02a can be converted into a Dom-like role fighter, heavy officer's
>This one is kind of hard to buy for me. It has an unusual achilles heel for
>a frontline unit (a coolant system in it's shield???!!!)

The shield is meant to protect the MS from the nuclear blast. Without the
coolant system, it will proably melt away.

>> the gp03?'s an MA.
>Go figure. This thing can destroy fleets and wipe out hordes of wee folk as
>well. Is it possible to make a lot of these? I don't think so...
>It would probably have been cheaper to produce several ships and MSes than
>to produce one of these...

If Zeon can have their throwaway MA that don't last more that an episode in
MSG, I don't see why the Feds can't have their own ...


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