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Tue, 23 May 2000 03:19:38 GMT

>but then they can redesign it so that the shield will be smaller, and the cooling
system will then be set into the MS itself...but still, one of the weak points
is the shoulder-mounted boosters. what if it gets damaged? in a melee, those
shoulder units are pretty tempting targets for an enemy to chop off. they ought
to put boosters in other places

Those things are pretty heavily armored. A simple chop would not be enough.
 Tempting target, yes, but considering how &^%*&%^* agile that thing is for
its size, it's a sure bet that a second choip would be infinitely more difficult
to pull off, specially if you have a veteran, or worse, an ace...or even worse,
a newtype handling that unit.

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