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>I've been thinking about this too. The GP-01 converts quite easily into a
>space interceptor. Doesn't it seem logical that they were testing out
>methods to adapt the next generation GMs at least for space combat duty with

>minimum modifications to make it spaceworthy?

Personally, I think it was an all-purpose design, the gp01/01fb. It's a very
good frontline unit, and if even half the stuff it had got to the GM's then
it would still kick butt. I just find it funny that its OS is on a gundam version
of a Zip disk. I would say that it makes for a good general purpose thing.

>> The gp02a can be converted into a Dom-like role fighter, heavy officer's

>This one is kind of hard to buy for me. It has an unusual achilles heel for

>a frontline unit (a coolant system in it's shield???!!!) which means it was

>definitely not meant to go head to head. Anything that big isn't stealthy
>either - but it sure is damn fast. Is it mainly because the thing was meant

>to fire, cover and run from a nuke as fast as possible as its main function?

>It also seemed faster than the GP-01 (at least from my POV) and that could

>mean the 02 is heavily souped up compared to the 01.

If it got turned into a mass production unit, i would bet that the shield and
bazooka would have been the first to go. They would have replaced the shield
with something less massive, but would also be a weapons rack of some sort.
 I would also think that the backpack would be modified to have more thrusters,
rather than just be a cargo hold for the nuke. It would probably be armed with
a beam bazooka, a beam rifle, the rquisite sabers and, if it got ZZ-style flamboyant,
either a large beam-type weapon like the Dreissen's or a BFG...but not in the
scale of the Nuke 'Zook it has.

>> the gp03?'s an MA.
>Go figure. This thing can destroy fleets and wipe out hordes of wee folk as

>well. Is it possible to make a lot of these? I don't think so...
>It would probably have been cheaper to produce several ships and MSes than

>to produce one of these...

I personally think that it was more of a combination of an Ace unit and a Psych/Terror
weapon. In the hands of a newtype, it would have been devastating. It would
have probably had a production run of less than ten -- probably only five.
The beauty of the system was that it had adaptive role weapons -- one can just
change the pods inside the cargo hold to be geared for specific situations.
 I'd also bet that the reason why it has a gundam to go with it is that once
it runs out of energy or ammo or both, it can just be disconntected (if it still
has energy, then go back to resupply), leaving the ace pilot with a gundam that
can still kick ass while waiting for it to come back with new stuff. It's a
very nice idea that wasn't shown in the series...since they treated it's resupply
as...well, resupply. The logical thing would be for it to have an autpopilot
and do what I just decribed above.

>> and the gp04 simply kicks butt.
>I have reservations about that - but 15 seconds of screentime isn't much to

>go on I guess... :P
> Fed

Against an MA and a pilot half-crazy from adrenaline injections.

The beam machine rifle it has, if used correctly, would have torn the gp03 to
pieces from a safe range...combined with it's agility, it would have been no
contest...but then, Cima, for all her piloting skills, has always been too aggressive.
 Had she played up on the suits strengths correctly, then she would have survived,
not become flamebroiled space pizza.

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