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Mon, 22 May 2000 17:02:48 +0800

gundam@aeug.org wrote:

>>Well If you look at how the 1/100 Nu Gundam towers over all of the MG currently
>in existence, and then you note that the Sazabi is more massive then the NU
>(not counting the Nu's Fin Fannels)....
>>let's just say that it will BE FRIGGING HUGE!!!

wait...you mean the 1/100 Nu is even taller than the MG ZZ (head height anyway)? oooo...

>My bet is that the shoulders alone would have enough plastic in them to make
>one small 1/144 gundam for each shoulder. factor in the skirt, the legs...WHEW!
> that is one big momma, perhaps the most massive of the MG line. This baby
>will rock. and the nice thing is, it might bring out some other kits too...the
>new frame is very interesting, to say the least...(Dogas?)

An MG Doga sure is an interesting thought - and if it has tonloads of weapons like the Geara, then all the better. I'm also real interested as to how they'll do the cockpit pod. As for an MG Nu, I wish they'd redesign it so that the legs won't look that skinny. I don't mind if the fannels are still the same weight (even if it is of different construction) - I use very thick coats of paint (probably has to do with me used to painting some model cars which really required a substantially thick coat of paint) so a lighter fin fannel will always end up heavy with me.

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