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> << My bet is that the shoulders alone would have enough plastic in them to
> make
> one small 1/144 gundam for each shoulder. factor in the skirt, the
> legs...WHEW!
> that is one big momma, perhaps the most massive of the MG line. This baby
> will rock. and the nice thing is, it might bring out some other kits
> too...the
> new frame is very interesting, to say the least...(Dogas?) >>
> The cockpit is housed in the Sazabi's head, isn't it? If I am correct,
> that fact there is proof of how big it is. In a guess, about how tall will
> the Sazabi be?

I think about 10 inches.. Its about 25 meters tall if I can recall.. The Rx 78
is about 18 meters tall . I think its about 3 inches taller in 1/100 scale.. I
think the NU was about 9 inches tall...

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