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>> >> Yeah, loosen up guys! as William Shatner said: "It's just a TV show!"

>> >HAHAHA, did he say that? I thought it's Tim Allen's line? Funny you
>> >should mention him, I saw Galaxy Quest just the other day and damn! those

>> >Galaxy Quest fan geeks are just like some Gundam fans (present company
>> >excluded of course :)

Ol'Kirk said that in a show of SNL.

>>You should watch Trekkers. The geeks are even worse than in Galaxy Quest,

>>and they're real! Scary...
>The Star Wars fans are just as bad. So are the Babylon 5 nuts (I know, I

>used to be a B5 nut). But what's really scary is when you get a Trekker a

>Star Wars fan and a B5 nut together in one place and they start arguing over

>whose series is better:

I've seen that happen, since my buddies and I are are lovers of different series:
 Gundam, Macross, Star Trek and Star Wars. You can imagine the brouhaha when
we are all drunk.

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