Mon, 22 May 2000 01:17:43 EDT

  When does this show end? Has anyone found any better pictures from the
show? Has Bandai shown the new MSiA's yet? I hope someone will run across a
web page like the one last year. Remember the one with the almost full page
of thumbnail picture links to much bigger pictures? Surely there's got to be
more and better pictures else where, someonr posted a link to a close up pic
of the MG Sazabi and HG UC Hizack, is there pictures like those of other
Bandai products?

Has anything been said about the Surise in Action Dunbine and Xabungle, like
price, release date, etc.? What about the MG Dubine? Someone at Alen Yen's
Toy Box DX website's message board said there is info. or pics, not sure
which, of the MG Dunbine in Dengeki Hobby magazine.


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