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<< are there pictures of it on the 'Net? if so, what's the link?
 only one point of contact for the shield? uh-oh...but would you count the
1/100 Nu's shield contacts as two? mine had a pretty thick layer of paint
but it isn't giving me any problems at all (or maybe because it was propped
against the 6th fin fannel) - in fact, the right arm was the first to sag. >>

  The Nu Gundam kit is a fairly old kit, I am sure Bandai will take the
shield into consideration in the MG Sazabi. Yeah, the GP02 MG kit's shield
was too heavy for its arm, from what I hear. Although, Bandai does always
seem to improve each time a new MG is released. I hope we get an MG Nu as
well. As good as the current Nu 1/100 kit is said too be, it's kind of old
and can be improved upon. I.E. make the fannels balance right, maybe by
making them lighter?



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