James II L Ravelo (nu_gundam@edsamail.com.ph)
Mon, 22 May 2000 11:11:26 +0800

gundam@aeug.org wrote:

> Went to take a look at the pics that Tet pointed out. The Sazabi..
>well.. Looks a little different from what I remember, have a bad feeling
>about this.
> I hope they improve the shield design before final approval though.
>It looks quite hefty, and from the pic, it appears to have only one point of
>contact. We could be facing a GP02 shield problem all over again..

are there pictures of it on the 'Net? if so, what's the link?

only one point of contact for the shield? uh-oh...but would you count the 1/100 Nu's shield contacts as two? mine had a pretty thick layer of paint but it isn't giving me any problems at all (or maybe because it was propped against the 6th fin fannel) - in fact, the right arm was the first to sag.

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