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>Hard to say. Does Heero get to use ALICE? If he does, I'd give the battle to
>Heero. If not, Scirocco would be evenly matched.

but ALICE won't let Heero kill himself ^_^

>Space or ground? If it's on the ground, I'd say a bit more to South, call it
>60/40. In space, Zechs would have the advantage. Remember, the Gelgoog has
>BETTER performace than any Gundam, except the NT-1 "Alex".

just don't let some dead corpse float around in space with a suitcase handcuffed to it, Burning will be OK ^_^

>> 3) Noin in The Mobile Suit Gundam (yeah..the original..)vs. Ma Kube in a
>> Rick Dom II
>Noin, only because she's faster and leaner.

and not to mention the Gundam's armor...well, she could get Kube when they perform re-entry (the RD2 doesn't have re-entry capability, right?)

>Treize. He'd love that HONKING big beam saber.


>> 5) 25 GM Quells versus a single Imperial Star Destroyer
>Star Destroyer, if the shields are up. If they're down, GM Quells, but with
>many casulties.

wait...does the Star Destroyer's shields protect against projectile weapons such as bullets? if it doesn't it's headed for the scrap heap, as long as the Quells carry a lot of reloads

>> 6) Char in the Gundam Double X vs. Camille in the God Gundam
>Hm, can Char get the Moon Base's energy feed? And does Camile get to use the
>G-Gundam's Hypermotor like the bio-sensor? If Char does have the feed, he just
>has to get range and....boom. Camile, if he gets in close, will take Char

well...the God Gundam can have 10 images at once and IIRC it used the King of Hearts Stone-breaking punch as a sort of a ranged attack against the final version of the Devil Gundam

>> 7) Steiner in a Zaku II FZ vs. Monsha in a GM Custom
>Monsha, because of experience.

but take away the booze and pictures of Nina...Monsha might get distracted with that ^_^

>> 8) EVERY MS in the Universal Century versus the original Death Star...with
>> shields down and superlaser not charged...but TIE fighter squadrons launched
>The MS would win by sheer numbers.

the MS would win by sheer numbers...and they have big mean MS such as the EX-S and GP-02A to send in against the exhaust port...or put them inside a hangar bay and do whatever damage they can until they reach the core

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