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Kev K wrote:

> Okay I'm through with spray cans!! With the money I spend on them I could
> simply get a good airbrush by now. So any recommendations on what airbrush
> to get? I'm new to airbrushing and have no clue from where to start. Too
> many techy jargons like dual action, internal mix and etc... And also any
> recommendations on the air compressors too? I would prefer a silent one,
> since I live in an apartment I don't think it would be nice to wake up my
> neighbours in the middle of the night .

Here's a suggestion for a setup: the Testors Aztek airbrush and the Kopycake
Airmaster Plus compressor.

 The Aztek is inexpensive and capable. Its big advantage--because of its
single module nozzle--is easy cleanability. You do not have to take the %$33
apart to clean--just spray thinner through it, and your ready to do another
color! Model Expo ( usually sells the Aztek for a big
savings, especially in the top of the line sets.

The Airmaster Plus is quiet and runs only when you paint. It puts out 20 psi
on demand and works extremely well. Interestingly, the Airmaster was designed
for spray painting *cakes* (like wedding cakes, etc.). I got mine from
MicroMark for $175, but Kopycake also sells direct.


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