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Echo|Fox wrote:

> There is no official english (either dubbed or subbed) release of CCA.
> There is a Hong Kong bootleg you can buy on eBay, but bear in mind the
> subtitling is absolutely awful. Check the GML archives for a reasonably
> lengthy review I did of it, but the fact that the subtitlers frequently
> misspell words, MS's are called "Mobile Suites", only a single line of
> text can appear on screen at once even when 3 people are talking (How are
> you? I'm fine. That's good.) and the text is just white with no black
> border .. shudder.
> It looks like it was probably done from LD source. You're probably better
> off reading from a script and following along with the movie, and just
> leaving the subtitles off.

I got the the said vcd bootie.. I needed to watch it 3 times to get the full
gist of it.. The subs are so bad, that I could only get obout half the

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